About Us


At a young age, I fell in love with crafting. From potpourri jars to cards, to party souvenirs and home crafts. In 2008, I began exploring jewelry and accessories and began learning different techniques such as bead embroidery and bead stringing to create and design my own unique creations. People began asking where I got my jewelry from and it was shocking to me because it all started with me doing something for fun. I have since ventured into different medias to make jewelry over the years. What I love the most is resin art and digital art. 

In 2014, I began my journey of caregiving. As many family caregivers do, I sacrificed many things such as outings with friends and family, vacations whether away or at home, and career opportunities. After losing my grandmother to Alzheimer’s, I really needed to find myself again. In the midst of grief and the pursuit of finding me, I realized that there is space in this world that is taboo.

Many of us don’t talk about the lifestyle of a caregiver, yet many of us are feeling the same stressors. What makes me and what I do unique is the ability to pull from my experience and relate to anyone who identifies as being a caregiver. One of the first things I thought about was how do I get back to being me. In life, we continue to grow with every experience. I wanted to do the things I strayed away from that made me happy in the past: doing my makeup, dressing up occasionally, decorating my home, and outings with family and friends. Along the way, I picked up some new habits, such as journaling, cooking, and raising plants. You’ll see I have different products that speak to the journey throughout the many phases of a caregiver lifestyle. Resin jewelry helps to jazz up your style with unique pieces; resin art to spice up the home decor; blankets and apparel for comfy days; drinkware and coasters to sip into relaxation; journals to collect thoughts, hopes and dreams, and many other items.

With all that, I am most proud to support the Alzheimer’s Association and the Lupus Foundation of America.